800 N. 7th

Names of family members: Harold and Jane Henry

Occupation(s): Harold is the Vice President for business solutions at Town and Country Bank and Jane is a Global trade operations manager for AT&T

When did you move to Enos Park? April 2014

What drew you to the neighborhood? The historic houses and the idea of neighbors working towards being involved with each other to better the neighborhood.

What kind of activities have you gotten involved in around the neighborhood? Board member, fundraising chair, beautification chair, work in the sculpture garden which is next door to our house

Was your house move in ready? Yes, it was remodeled already. We purchased it from Old Neighborhood Rehab, who had just completed a total restoration of the house.
What projects have you completed since moving in, or have planned for the near future? Totally fenced in the property , had patios installed, landscaping whole yard.

Did you do any of the work yourself? All the landscaping.

Any advice for someone contemplating a move to the neighborhood and/or a renovation project? Talk to others that have upgraded their properties.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Enos Park? Having neighbors that truly care about each other and the beautiful houses here.