1011 N. 6th

Names of family members: Andrew Proctor, Heather Proctor, Charlie Davis, Lincoln Proctor, and Otis (Chocolate Lab)

Occupation(s): Andrew is a Legislative Director at Illinois Department of Employment Security and an Alderman for Ward 5 in the City of Springfield, Heather is an Assistant Property Manager at Near North Village

When did you move to Enos Park? January of 2014

What drew you to the neighborhood? Before moving to Enos Park we lived downtown in an apartment. We knew we wanted to stay close to downtown and have a decent size yard.

What kind of activities have you gotten involved in around the neighborhood? Since living in Enos Park we have participated in the community garden as well as attending other neighborhood activities.

Was your house move in ready? Yes, our house was move in ready! A few years earlier it had been in danger of demolition but was saved and restored by Old Neighborhood Rehab.

What projects have you completed since moving in, or have planned for the near future? Since moving in, we have put in hardwood floors on the first floor. We have also painted the outside of the house and created an outdoor seating area.

Did you do any of the work yourself? In all of the projects we have done since moving in we have helped on the project in some form or fashion.

Any advice for someone contemplating a move to the neighborhood and/or a renovation project? Make sure to join the neighborhood association, be active and informed, and don’t hesitate to ask your neighbors for help, assistance, or advice.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Enos Park? One of our favorite things about living in Enos Park is the short walk to downtown.