Mid-Illinois Medical District

In January 2003, the Illinois Medical District at Springfield was created by the 92nd General Assembly as the second Medical District in the state. In 2007, it was renamed the Mid-Illinois Medical District and  covers an area in the City of Springfield bounded by 11th Street on the east, Madison Street on the south, Walnut Street on the west, and North Grand Avenue on the north. While the boundaries for the Medical District are slightly larger than that of Enos Park, it is the residential area that sits entirely within the borders of the Medical District, anchored by St. John’s Hospital to the east and Memorial Medical Center to the west.

The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce’s Quantum Growth Partnership is a five-year, $5.2 million strategic plan for economic growth in the greater Springfield metro area (http://www.gscc.org/econdev/), and the medical industry was identified as an emerging opportunity for economic growth in the community. In 2008, the Medical Industry Initiative was created to work toward realizing that growth. The Medical District staff is currently based at the office of the GSCC. Workforce development, commercialization of medical discoveries, marketing, and administrative support for the MIMD commission are the four focal areas of the initiative.

The MIMD is overseen by 11 Commissioners, who are responsible for the District’s activities. The law requires that six Commissioners be appointed by the governor, four appointed by the Mayor of Springfield and one appointed by the Sangamon County Board. Dr. Charlotte Warren currently serves as President of the Commission. The other Commissioners are Rex Brown, Rob Cross, Joe Hurwitz, Mitch Johnson, Jennifer Lee, Dr. Charles Lucore, Jack Mazzotti, Ramona Metzger, Michelle Ownbey, Guerry Suggs, and Dr. Elvin Zook. The newest appointee to the Commission, Michelle Ownbey, is also the president of EPNIA.

The Mid-Illinois Medical District Commission meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month at 4 p.m. at the Lincoln Land Community College Capital City Training Center located at 130 W. Mason St. in Springfield. Meetings are open to the public.