Enos Park is fortunate to have ties to numerous other community organizations and entities that partner with us for activities through the year and provide support for our on-going revitalization efforts. Here are just a few of the ties we have:

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is building townhouses for two families already approved by Habitat at 1133 and 1137 North 5th Street.  The townhomes will be a Colonial Revival style similar to the Fleischli House at 807 North 5th Street, which is a potential National Register Historic Site.

The townhouses were initially designed as a Lincoln Land Community College Architecture class project ten years ago. The instructor at the time, Don Ecklund, will finally get to see the class project come to life. It is especially rewarding to him since he will be acting as the Project Coordinator for Habitat. Some exterior design changes have been made to insure the new structure visually fits with the two-story, shotgun house to the south and a two story, Lincoln Era, Italianate home built in 1859 to the north. Both of these homes epitomize the unique and historic look of the majority of the neighborhood. When finished in April of next year the yard of the new townhouses will be enclosed with the same type of black metal fence as their two neighbors.

The project started in late September, 2012 with a kick off celebration for the two new families, sponsors, and volunteers. The first two story townhouses built by Habitat, the project will require up to 300 volunteers over the eight month construction period. Leading the way will be the Catholic Holy Family Society of Belleville and engineers from the Illinois Air Force National Guard. The majority of the energy will be provided by students from UIS, Robert Morris University, Blackburn College, and Cooper Jets of the Rochester 4 H Club.   The entire outside structure was be raised on two succeeding weekends, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, October 4-6, and 11-13.

Mid-Illinois Medical District

Enos Park is the residential neighborhood located entirely within the boundaries of the Medical District. By revitalizing our housing stock and encouraging new construction that blends with the existing homes in the neighborhood, we hope to become the location of choice for those employed by the various medical centers near the neighborhood.

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Springfield Art Association

The Art Association and Enos Park have a hundred years of history together and have always been physically linked by the presence of Edwards Place and the Art Association campus within the neighborhood. Now the two groups are also linked by a shared vision for the future of the neighborhood, and the Art Association has been an active participant in our master planning efforts. One of the first recommendations of the Master Plan was the concept of creating a “cultural campus” for the Art Association that could also link to the historical sites nearby and draw tourists from the downtown area.

Betsy Dollar, Executive Director of SAA, answers questions regarding Springfield Art Association’s plans for future development during a press conference to promote the Master Plan

The Art Association is exploring this idea, and the Executive Director, Betsy Dollar, is so committed to the neighborhood that she has renovated the upper level of the historic Fleischli House and become a neighborhood resident!
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Springfield Park District

As the only neighborhood in Springfield to have two parks within our boundaries (Enos Park and Gehrmann Park) as well as one of the oldest parks (Enos Park), we appreciate the support we have received from the Park District. Starting with the complete revitalization of Enos Park in 2008 and continuing to the current day with planning for changes at Gehrmann Park, the Park District has played an important role in our efforts to revitalize the neighborhood.

Mike Stratton, Executive Director of the Springfield Park District, takes a break while working with 200 volunteers in the construction of new playground equipment at Gehrmann Park.
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