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This is the official website for the EPNIA of Springfield, Illinois.  The purpose of this website is to inform everyone of the Enos Park area and its historical significance to Springfield as well as keeping people up-to-date on the numerous activities of the Association. We have many dedicated volunteers who work hard to insure that Enos Park will be the “Jewel of Springfield” once again.

Enos Park
New Park Sign

The Enos Park neighborhood is located just north of downtown Springfield and encompasses 36 square blocks of residential and business properties.  Once known as the “Jewel of Springfield,” Enos Park represented a diverse community of rich and influential leaders, as well as many working class families.  Even today, Enos Park is one of the most ethnically and socio-economically diverse neighborhoods in the city.  Its tree-lined streets are filled with unique examples of Victorian, Italianate, and Queen Anne style homes that date back into the early nineteenth century.  We hope you’ll visit and take a step back in time, to days gone by, and wonder in amazement what stories these old homes would tell if they could only speak!

ribbon cutting

Ribbon cutting ceremony for the re-opening of Enos Park after renovations

Marilyn Piland

Representative Raymond Poe recognizing Marilyn Piland for 20 years of work for Enos Park neighborhood.

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